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"David Taylor is a big talent. He's professional, understands people and business, is extremely quick on the uptake, very fast worker and his aesthetic is fluid. He made all the changes I wanted and understood exactly the tone I wanted to strike with our annual report—the piece he produced was perfect.  I can't recommend him and his work highly enough. Thanks, David!"
Judith Ranger Smith | Executive Director - Singing for Change (Jimmy Buffet's Philanthropic Foundation)
"David Taylor, the Prez of Cheeky Monkey, is the guy who's done a lot of the design work for not only myself, but a lot of you Bears fans as well. He created my video game insert for my "Hit-Stick'em with The Hitman" contest, he designed the landing page for my Facebook Fan Page, aaaaaand he's the guy who does all those sweet "One 'Shop Stop" posts. Hire the man! He's for real!"
Chris Harris | Safety - Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions & Jacksonville Jaguars
"Before I met David, I had honestly spent over $1,000 and 12 long months, across three different companies, trying to create the perfect logo for my business. I knew that I wanted a logo that was clever, individual and really creative. As simple as that sounds, none of the other companies came close to what I was looking for. They all came back to me with, what I felt to be, substandard designs. David nailed the design within a week, and to be honest went a lot further than he needed to. Without meaning to blow the guys trumpet, I just wanted to let everyone know that if you're looking for a designer with a genuine passion for what he does then you have come to the right place (oh yeah, all of my customers love my new design)."
Mike McDonagh | Owner - Little Devils Direct
"The holy grail of graphic professionals is the person that can deliver consistently creative output while hitting deadlines and converting the manager/client's needs into exceptional work. 

While working with David over several years, David has shown the rare ability to listen, interpret, create and deliver design projects that exceed every expectation. His emotional intelligence allows him to work with any type of personality while seeing the big picture of the project goal. 

Creative, diligent, friendly, intelligent, detail oriented, professional... the rare combination that managers dream of in an Art Director/Graphics Professional. 

I have managed multiple graphic designers, art directors and creative departments over the past 15 years. I mention this not to brag, but rather to point out that I have, by necessity, developed an appreciation for individuals that are both creative and responsible with an old-school work ethic."
Blake Bukowsky | HeadStand Brands, LLC
"I have seldom had the pleasure of working with such a bright, enthusiastic, warm-hearted, talented and creative soul as David. He "gets" marketing and branding at a visceral level, and creates graphic works that are as strategically relevant as they are fresh and compelling. He is fast, efficient and capable of generating a diverse number of looks to help define the visual "voice" of a piece -- all while staying on brand. He has tremendous EQ (Emotional Intelligence), which unfailingly guides his professional interactions, even as this inate understanding of people and what makes them tick informs his work. He has the uncanny ability to get along with most anyone. Impressive. Delightful, really. I would hire him again in an instant."
Linda Carlisle | Enterprise Communications Leader
"David Taylor of Cheeky Monkey Art is the consummate professional! David is always there with fair pricing, outstanding design work and quick turn-around. We will gladly continue to turn to Cheeky Monkey for all of our graphic design needs!"
Monica Cordina | Marketing Manager - Cymfony, Inc.
"I reached out To Cheeky Monkey Art for a commission and the turn around time was fantastic. Not only were they responsive, but they took the time to really understand what I was looking for. With brilliant pricing and dedicated service, I would definitely recommend them to anyone in the market for high quality custom designs."
Yusheng | Content Creator
"David's creative skills, willingness to do more than asked and organizational abilities made him the most qualified and best artist I have ever worked with. David has helped me doing free-lance work over the past 10 years creating doormat designs along with whatever graphic work I needed. Always produced top quality work and a pleasure to have helping me. I highly recommend David for free-lance work or anything else that falls into his wide range of talents."
Randy Glenn | Palmetto Moon Mats, LLC
"David has undoubtedly some of the best graphic designer skills I have experienced in my 20+ career in the printing industry. He has always delivered top quality work, his creativity is without boundaries and he has shown great flexibility even under the strictest of deadlines. A rare talent not to be missed!"
Ingrid Van Loocke | Owner and Partner, pr4u
"David provided us outstanding creativity and excellent results for our new company logo. David was able to take our company concept and create a logo that was unique and represented how we wanted our company to be recognized. The results of David's work were completed quickly and were provided in multiple formats for easy use and distribution."
Jeff Todd | A2A Living Oil, Inc.
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