About David
Creative Director. Designer. Illustrator. Ninja.
David Taylor is the design brains of Cheeky Monkey Art. He graduated with a BS in Graphic Design from what is now Chowan University. Out of college he cut his teeth in the fast-paced world of newspaper publishing, designing advertisements, page layouts, and special seasonal magazines, all while doing occasional freelance work in the evenings.
After moving to Charleston, he worked as the graphics supervisor for a large international technology company for over a decade, designing everything—large and small—from trade show booths (the large) to business cards (the small). Also, all while operating a freelance business during the evenings and weekends.
David’s true passion has always been design, and he’s one of those lucky people who has a job doing what he loves. Thanks to its amazing clients, Cheeky Monkey Art went from being a side business to David’s full-time job for three years, allowing him to venture into the entrepreneurial market. 
Being an extrovert, he missed the daily interactions with co-workers and now currently serves as the Creative Director and Director of Production of Forbes Books, and is on the Executive Leadership team. He coaches an incredibly talented, award winning, team of graphic designers.
David's commitment to great customized design and an incredible customer experience—along with his hard work ethic—makes for an absurd combination. He has a strong ability to manage a large number of members and projects through his team, all while paying strict attention to modern design techniques. He’s also the most organized person you may have the pleasure (or annoyance) of coming across.
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